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Issue 15: Spring 2020



The music rushed back. I felt her bare arms slide over my skin as she rose and sat before a mridangam. Drum and sitar, we played the tone she directed. The sound mixed notes of nostalgia with the clanging present, the rhythm of the future. 

Broken Dolls

From the wardrobe she shared with Santanu, she pulled out her maimed dolls and spread them out on the bedroom floor. None of them was as broken as her brother. She kicked her dolls and stomped on them and pulled out their hair. Yet, nothing could assuage her anger.

Insignificant Man

I resolved to spend my days tailing him around the house, to win over his friendshipWho knows? Perhaps one day he would bend his head over, hook pinkies with me and show me his secret diary, just like Anjali, my best friend back in school, had! 

Maachér Jhol (Fish Stew)

You center your ethnic cravings around tandoor, samosa, naan, aloo gobi — never kitchüri or dal. Those meals still remind you of the childhood shame of being Indian.


A Textbook Afternoon

The end of the road


Bardo Thödol for a Woman from Kumik

Essays & Interviews

A Dinner Party at the Home Counties by Reshma Ruia

Intelligent and powerful! 

Where the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow by Rashi Rohatgi

Fearless and Breath-taking!  

Sunshine Blooms and Haiku by Sneha Sundaram 

Beautiful ode to the haiku form.

Quichotte by Salman Rushdie

Lacking impact!

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

Exploiting the power of ambiguity with a clear authorial voice!

Gariahat Junction by Rituparna Roy

Lyrical debut by a promising writer!