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Issue 20: Fall 2022


In the Pursuit of Candy by Mrunalini Wani

This kid was so world-wise, he did not even look at other candies; he knew what he wanted. As Ayush watched that kid walk away, he had a rising sense of hope in his chest. Maybe, just maybe, he could do that too.

Roach, India by Sai Shriram

In that moment when the walls of the kitchen turned a dirty insectile brown, when an army of hostility headed towards him, Abbax realized that he could no longer continue to exist in this world. This world where his love had no place.


Isn’t that how it is? by Hilesh Patel

Until we become water by Fathima Roshni

Hollower by Ayesha Jafar

You & I by Shannan Mann

Essays & Interviews

The Hand-painted Signs of Jaffna by Kayo Chang Black

After spending more time in Jaffna, we realized that the signboards were not just beautiful objects— they also told stories of the city. Therefore, we needed to enlist help from someone from the culture who also understood our intention for the book: to learn about Jaffna through the hand-painted signs. Our aim is to capture and preserve them on camera, analyze them visually, and write about them.

An Intimate History of loneliness by Shatakshi Whorra

My grandmother was not merely suffering from pangs of loneliness. Her deterioration over the years was as personal as it was overwhelmingly systemic. I see this onset of loneliness in her life not as a personal failing, but as something that stemmed from the unequal relationships that had been slowly consuming her.

Four Thousand Miles Away, a Book and a French Girl Banished My Daughter’s Loneliness by Anita Vijayakumar

At an age when friendships mattered more than almost anything, the girls were desperately lonely. And I could only watch, torn and helpless. But I had forgotten the courage we muster when we’re young and lonely.


The Adivasis Will not Dance by Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

Journaling systematic suppression.

The Country without a Post-Office by Agha Shahid Ali

Reviewed by Shreyashi Sharma

Recording the echoes of a home!

That Year at Manikoil by Aditi Krishnakumar

Exemplary writing!

Speak, Women by Smita Bahuguna-Agarwal

Flipping the male gaze!

Visual Artists