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Kalyani Ganapathy


From A is for Anaar, written by Aruna Hatti, illustrated by Kalyani Ganapathy


Illustrated stories in conservation, Current Conservation 2014

Her name is ‘Lilli’
A purple Billi,*
And far from silly!

Streaks of rose,
Around her nose,
And pretty little toes!

She’s positively well fed,
With a collar that’s red,
She sits in a flower bed!

*Billi = Cat in Hindi


Mixed Media on Water Color Paper, personal work


Artwork for Ruskin Bond’s Big Book of Animal Stories


From Memory box, 2013. All the little things that surface after the rain. My life in the Western Ghats.


Original artwork from The King’s Harvest by Chetan Raj Shrestha

Artist_Photo_UttamArtist Statement: I have always loved books and stories. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t hooked on Enid Blyton. I graduated in Advertising and Graphic Design after being repeatedly told I wasn’t good at drawing. After an internship in advertising, where I ended up deciding I would never come back, working at graphic design studios and a stint in textiles, I discovered that I really wanted to draw. I started drawing small narratives that I would write, and in a few weeks someone actually bought my artwork and I have never looked back. In a year I sent out a portfolio to publishers across India. Most didn’t revert, some called my style too niche, a few challenged me to translate my work for bookshelves.

Being an illustrator in publishing allows me to be a child again, to relive that wonder of being little, when I was in awe of the world. I illustrate fiction book jackets, books for children, and textiles.

Over the last year, I have ranged from being an illustrator with a brief synopsis and a two week deadline, to one who works closely with authors, translating their vision into a visual story. I enjoy the process tremendously. Increasingly, I see myself fitting into this role with ease. I’m currently working with a few authors. My newest role, however, is creating visual conservation stories for children and adults, which will begin next year.

In the future I aspire to create a book for children and adults without the written word.

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