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Courtney Stephens

I’ve come to Kolkata four times, staying for over a year around 2012 to work on a film. Even though the city can be very chaotic, I think of it as almost silent, as though parts of it died awhile ago and are quietly dreaming themselves into the present. My neighbor said about the crows, who go from kitchen to kitchen asking at the windows, that a negative assessment by a crow of ones household should be rigorously avoided.

These photos were taken in 2012, in Kolkata, India, digitally.


Jagannath, Ambassador, Kolkata


Cubicle, Kolkata


Night palm, Kolkata


Shadows, Kolkata


Saris drying at night, Kolkata


Crows, Kolkata

Courtney Stephens is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She lived in Kolkata on a Fulbright scholarship during 2012, while working on a film about female travelers.
Twitter: @EdenByRail
instagram: courtcolt

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