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Issue 14: Spring 2019


Road to Gede

Don’t you know a stranger can’t cremate her? Her soul would keep wandering and won’t find peace, if a relative does not cremate her. I’m sure you must know this. If you don’t claim her body, you’ll regret that for the rest of your life. Trust me, I know it.

Lunch to Tea

“Don’t you remember?” He doesn’t understand why people are always asking him that.?He rattles his memory. He scolds himself for drawing a blank just when it is most critical. He pictures the old woman at the dining table, smiling to herself, enjoying a hearty lunch of kadhi and rice all by herself.

Snow Day

Kabir had listened as a group of men argued over who was really behind the terror their neighborhoods were facing. It was widely believed that vigilante groups supported by the Administration were carrying out the raids.

Dear Bhagya Lakshmi

As I begin to piece my guess together, I hear the familiar hoot – Bhagya’s horn and the curve of white that is nosing into our compound. I can’t say how glad I am to see our genteel, age-old Ambassador car right where it belongs.


Hum Kisise Kum Nahin

Letter from a Daughter by Shaleena Koruth

The Wolf who cried Boy by Tript Kaur

Tired in a Book Fair by Vishnu Bagdawala

Essays & Interviews

The Dignity of an Unheralded Artist on the Streets of Bangalore by Richard Rose

Only the narrowest of minds would deny that the act of creation should not be only the preserve of those who receive formal recognition for their work.

Eight Months in Andhra Pradesh by Emma S. Marcos

I imagine an appearance of the goddess Durga, astride a collared lion, her many arms wielding a trident, thunderbolt, lotus, sword, and cellphone.

But the truth is, my memories of those ninety-degree noons, the peach and cherry-colored clouds casting jagged shadows over the hills, are already beginning to fade.

Interview with Tishani Doshi by Mariyam Haider  


A Bombay in my Beat by Mrinalini Harchandrai

A stimulating read

A People’s History of Heaven by Mathangi Subramanian

Innovative and fresh!

A Roll of the Dice by Mona Dash

A bold memoir full of hope

The Runaways by Fatima Bhutto

Creates a breathable world

The Last Vicereine: Love in the Time of Partition by Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang 

Slightly disappointing

Utopia Revisited 2050: We Journey into a Brighter Future by Bhaskar Sompalli and Prem Menon 

Telling us how technology could solve problems

Wayfaring by Tikuli 

Refreshing and unpretentious


Madhubani Paintings by Nupur Nishith