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Some people decided to ignore me,
I respect their decision.
Some people Love me unconditionally,
I respect their emotions.
Some people call me best the way I am,
I respect their reverence.
Some people call me a brave Chevalier,
I respect their imagination.
Some people call me an emotional fool poet,
I respect their commiseration.
Some people call only when in need,
I respect their requirements,
Some people call me an achiever,
I respect their encouragement.
Some people call me a loser,
I respect their greatness.
I respect you, I respect others,
and above all
I respect a respect called as self-respect.

Dinesh Kumar Jangra (DJ)
Hisar, Haryana, India
Published books- Dastan E Tau, Kavi Ki Keerti
Upcoming books- Prem Ki Pothi, Dineshawari Geeta, Fakiri Muskan
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