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Pallavi Singh


Because you’re worth it-II | 2016 | 30″x40″ | Acrylic on Paper


Soundarya Vikas Sanstha: a) Comrades, b) Sangrahaalay, c) Lakshy-Abhyaas d) Prayogshala, e) Pratiyogita | 2016 | 5x(8.4″x6″) | Acrylic and Pencil on Paper


Beauty-Bazar | 2016 | 12x(20″x16″) | Digital Print and Acrylic on Paper


Regeneration | 2016 | 12″x19″ | Acrylic on Paper


Family xx894 | 2016 | 60″x72″ | Mix Media on Canvas

Pallavi_profile-imageI am an Indian artist living in Delhi. I am interested in art as a way of thinking and understanding the world around me not only as a practitioner but also from the lenses of a viewer. I am exploring the grooming culture amongst Indian men, that is showing a change from the traditional alpha male. I have approached this phenomenon from the lens of commercialization and corporates. Armed with creative marketing, they have made way for a male centric society to open up to personal beautification, traditionally considered to be a feminine affair. They have successfully been able to create what can be considered a new race; men dependent on their products to boost their self-esteem. Like an addict looking for his next fix, men want more out of these companies and in effect push their profit lines. This has created a symbiotic relationship where the creator and the consumer live off each other.

I have received degree in masters in painting from College of Art, Delhi. I am the recipient of The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation/Skowhegan USA (2015) art residency, finalist of 10th Sovereign Art Prize ’13-’14, Hong Kong and the M. F. Hussain award in painting during my final year of post-graduation.

My work has been showcased at various galleries and events such as Jaipur Art Summit, , Group show ‘Katha’ at Navya Art Gallery, Delhi, ASIAN STUDENT AND YOUNG ARTIST ART FESTIVAL, Korea curated by Dian Oh LVS Gallery Korea, Two woman show “UNSEEN PASSAGE” at Art and Aesthetic gallery Delhi, Group show by Indian and Greek artists at art junction, The Lalit Delhi “VAMA” at Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts Delhi, ”R.A.P.E” Art Bull Gallery Delhi, ARTicle Gallery Birmingham UK, “A PROLOGUE TO UNREAL” by Panchkone at Lalit Kala Akademi, Delhi, “SEMBLANCE” by Panchkone at Visual Art Gallery India Habitat Centre Delhi, United Art Fair Delhi. I have also been part of art residencies at Kalakriti art gallery, Hyderabad, TAJ residency and Ske project, Bangalore, PEERS residency at KHOJ, New Delhi, Reflection art gallery, New Delhi.

Apart from the exhibition my artwork has been part of various public and private collection such as Heritage Transport Museum Gurgaon, Kalakriti art gallery, Times of India and College of Art, Delhi.