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Krittika Arvind

Footsteps of a Dot

A thought starts off as a little dot and expands into something bigger.

My drawings are created using only dots or dashes in a meditative, time consuming process using pigments and colours that I am attracted to. The dots/dashes grow into a visual mind mapping diagram – An exploration of my thoughts in medium that match them …

In a time where information flow is so fast and fleeting, with everyone having easy access to any type of information one desires to have at any time in a matter of seconds. I take the time to sit in a quite spot in my flat among my tropical indoor plants in the heart of bustling Berlin.

When I’m filling a surface with my thoughts I like to think I can control time, slow down, take the time to understand, expand and explore a piece of information that has entered my system. The illustrations are named according to the material or colours used as they don’t stick to the topic I began to explore and fluidly flow into others that interlink – just like one begins a web search and gets carried away!

Words in known languages of the world seem to turn my feelings towards a subject into mainly a cerebral process, and I sometimes feel they are inadequate to express the emotion aspect perfectly. Hence I just like to ‘dot’ my thoughts down rather than jot them down. The grappling in my mind for the right word, in the language I want to express myself in kills the spontaneity and easy flow of the thoughts and feelings. The visual languages I use help me record thoughts in the form of wandering dots, dashes or lines to create patterns. The patterns are a diary of my feelings as well as a cathartic process of dealing with day to day joys, frustration, disappointments etc. and helps me refresh, rejoice the outcomes and feel rejuvenated. A coded diary of sorts that only I can decipher or maybe even I won’t be able to after a considerable time has passed …


Watercolour on paper, 48.5 × 68 cm


Pigments on paper, 21 × 29.5 cm


Pen on stretched canvas, 99.5 × 99.5 cm


Indian red pigment (Alta) on paper, 30 × 40 cm


Watercolour on paper, 50 × 65 cm

06_2016_brown_white_1of3 06_2016_brown_white_2of3

Series of 3 pictures, Pen on brown cardboard , 31 × 31 cm each