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Issue 16: Fall 2020


Cotton, Grass and Rain

She smells of fresh laundry, of rain in strange lands. He knows now that her perfume is Cotton, Grass and Rain by Marc Jacobs. He likes the softness of her, because she makes him forget the hard edges of his mother, the dark corners of his loneliness, the dry scratch of his own thoughts.

Double X

Nishu wanted a Double X for his birthday. He confided this daily to his grandmother, Bernie, who, at eighty-three, had lived through a war, and endured displacement, and knew a weapon when she saw one.

Mustafa’s Wife

At times, she can’t remember his name. The nameplate outside the house says ‘Mustafa Muhammad’. The house belongs to Mustafa Muhammad, yet he is the visitor who comes and goes. She has come to understand these walls and they know her well, too. She sometimes reads to them, especially things that move her. The walls listen.

The Price of Goat

Dadu brings the thick, bright red curry in a bowl that Mummy uses to keep cut fruit. There is a shiny layer of oil along the edges; little pieces of meat float in the middle. “What do you think?” he asks. I am eager to try it. It’s only because I am hungry!


Small feelings

The New Word We Learned by Babitha Marina Justin

Essays & Interviews

The Untaken Frame by Ricky Toledano

What really stopped me from pulling the trigger, placing my camera back in its holster, was a sensation similar to that which occurs just before picking a flower, when doubt shades the choice to possess beauty by destroying it.

Interview with Wanphrang Diengdoh by Sneha Krishnan 


99 Nights in Logar by Jamil Jan Kochai

A literary feast.

Purple Lotus by Veena Rao

A polished narrative of survival and empowerment!

When Lovers Leave and Poetry Stays by Jhilam Chattaraj

Reads like an embalmed memory!

Forest of Enchantments by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

To the Sitas of the world, with love!

Rituals by Kiriti Sengupta

Throws riddles at the reader!

The Far Field by Madhuri Vijay

Raw brilliance!