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Fiction – Fall 2018

Lose Yourself

Every  time,  he’d  apologize.  Every  time,  he’d  place  a  hand  on  her  back,  and  rub counterclockwise. No  one  knows  me  like  you  do, he’d  say,  which  was  true  to  an  extent.  After  all,  Sita  and  he were  friends since  elementary  school  and  after  what  happened  to  Sita  at  UConn  and  when she  returned,  he  was  there, ready  to  welcome  her.

A Different Music 

Yes, she admitted to her shell-shocked parents’ friends one evening: she liked John Denver more than Iqbal Bano. She understood him; the lyrics made sense. But more importantly, his songs made her happy. She had heard them call it “hippie music” but she didn’t care. She wanted it, she needed it, she craved it.


“It was during those days that Zahida became certain there were some things she knew better than others, and this was definitely one of them: the shelf-life of death was shorter than any other item in this world, and would not last, even a single day, on her Chai trolley. It expired immediately, and Zahida knew that if it was not thrown out, it would quickly begin to stink up the place.”