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Cyrus Mistry awarded the 2014 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature

Cyrus Mistry (younger brother of Rohinton Mistry) wins the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature for his novel Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer, a love story set in the Bombay amongst a community of Parsi corpse bearers. Below is an excerpt of the beginning:

“‘Oi, Elchi, you bloody drunkard! Still lolling in bed?’

There was no sound more revolting or hateful to the ears than that voice which plucked me rudely from my garden of dreams.

I was under the bower of the giant banyan with Seppy. Of all our numerous hideouts in the forest, this was her favorite. But in that instant, when Buchia’s hideous falsetto impinged on my consciousness, she was gone.”

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