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Sreedevi Gummuluri


Krishna (2008) – Despite a rough start and a secretive past, Krishna chooses to live in the moment and inspires everyone through his strong will and wisdom.


Margo (2018) – Margo muses over a colorful life filled with wonder and amazement.


Malcom and Bernard (2012) – The brothers have an air of distinction in their way. Never too hasty, they fancy horticulture.


Stella (2011) – Stella enjoys flamboyance and she’s particular about her presentation and style.


Ben (2011) – Ben has a stout heart and an agreeable demeanor.


Margo 2 (2018)

Sreedevi_Bio_PhotoIn this portrait series, Sreedevi Gummuluri hopes to use paint as a medium to humanize her canine and feline subjects. Sreedevi enjoys painting with acrylics and being close to nature.