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How to get pregnant with twins? Find out how to increase your chances of multiple pregnancy

[b] Find out how to increase the likelihood of pregnancy by twins. [/b]
In an average family, the probability of pregnancy twins is about 3 percent. Even if there were no cases with a double pregnancy in the family, then you should not think that this miracle will not happen to you. Do we have the right to decide how many children we have? Yes and no. Genetics and family history, of course, are responsible for a lot (the presence of twins in your family, especially on the maternal line, significantly increases the chances of the birth of twins four times).

[b] How to plan the birth of twins? [/b]
However, numerous studies have shown that the probability of multiple pregnancy is higher, if a woman has already had a child (a woman’s body already “knows” that she is predisposed to pregnancy, so she adapts to her), and at the time of conception to her is about 35-44 years old. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are also important. It is worth adhering to these rules:
No wonder they say that "a healthy mind lives in a healthy body." A woman who wants to get pregnant (including multiple pregnancy) should eat right. Interestingly, a diet rich in milk and beef gives more chances to conceive twins than a vegetarian or vegan diet.
In order to have a multiple pregnancy, it is also worth eating a tapioku (starch obtained from the root of manioca). In prepared form, it can be added, for example, to desserts. In the African region, where the manion is one of the main components of the diet, the largest number of twins in the world is born.

[b] Take folic acid. [/b]
Every woman who wants to get pregnant should take 0.4 mg (400 μg) of folic acid daily. Folic acid is necessary for the proper development of the fetus. If you want to increase the likelihood of pregnancy by twins, all the more you should use it.
Pregnancy twins favors small overweight and high growth. Although growth does not depend on you if your immunity is normal or you have insufficient weight, you will not hurt you if you gain several kilograms.

[b] How to increase the likelihood of pregnancy twins? [/b]
Of course, the pregnancy of twins cannot be planned, but the chances of the birth of twins are also increasing if you are treating infertility. In case of extracurporeal fertilization, a woman takes medications that can lead to the release of more than one egg during ovulation.

If you recently gave birth, but already think about a new pregnancy - and about multiple pregnancy - we have good news! In women who are breastfeeding during conception, the probability of pregnancy twins was 9 times higher than those who fed the child from the bottle.
However, know that the pregnancy of twins is associated with an increased risk of complications (and requires constant medical observation). It is also worth remembering that being a parent of the twins is a double joy, but also a double responsibility!